Jun 15 2023


A detector that gives everything that the most advanced detectorists need, but in a simple, friendly form.





Waterproof up to 2.5 m

Weight with DD28 cm coil - 1330 g

Unfolded length - max. 134 cm

Folded length - 60/69 cm (depending on the method of folding)

Adjustable distance between the handle and the armrest

WiFi updates and software changing

Built-in rechargeable battery - run time from 10 to 25 hours depending on the frequency and use of the speaker or headphones, an average of 15 hours

Charging time - about 7 hours (with a charger with a current capacity of not less than 500 mA)

Possibility of charging while working from an external power bank

Works with SR- 1 wireless headphones and OS-2 wireless receiver


Frequency: Multi Frequency or one frequency tunable from 4 to 40 kHz, in the range up to 14.2 KHz - 0.2 kHz step, above 14.8 kHz - 0.6 kHz step

EMI preview

Automatic Ground Balance

Sensitivity - 30 levels

ID - 120 points (iron range: from -29 to 0, non-ferrous range: from 0 to 90)

Discrimination - 120 points

Notch - 120 points

Reaction - 8 levels

Threshold level

Threshold tone

Iron Volume

SAT - 20 levels

VCO permanently enabled (variable tone from non motion channel in Dual modes)

Multifilter permanently enabled in Field and Field Dual programs

Tones: 3 user profiles; 1, 2, 3, 6 tones; Pitch

Volume - 30 levels

Backlight - 21 levels

Pinpoint with depth measurement for coins

Factory programs: Beach, Beach Dual, Field, Field Dual, Park, Park Dual, Non motion with discrimination or with tone ID

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